Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Lover of ALLAH

I am on a transition phase of cleansing my heart and I am focusing more on ALLAH.....
Bear hardship with patience, and one's sins will be forgiven in the next world.....

Abu Bakr once recited this verse of the Qur'an before the Prophet (SAAW): "He that dows evil shall be requitted with it.  There shall be none to protect or help him." (4:123) "How," he asked, "can things now turn out well for us, since we shall have to pay for the evil that we do? "May ALLAH forgive you, Abu Bakr," the Prophet (SAAW) said, "don't you ever become ill, or feel fatique or distress?  Aren't you sometimes afflicted with hardship? Don't you fall into error now and then?" Abu Bakr said that he did indeed. "This then is the requital of your sins in this world," said the Prophet (SAAW)

May ALLAH have mercy on my soul forgive and guide me....Only allow what is good into my life and give me patience with the hardships, lonliness, and steer me from the dunya to the light, Insha'Allah

Ma Salaams
Muslim Emerald Sweetheart ^-^ <3

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