Thursday, January 13, 2011

January 13th

I've found out so much about myself recently...Just because things happen to me doesn't mean that I didn't contribute to the problem...Life is what you make of it...If I start to think and act positively then they will have a totally different outcome...I have never been influenced or even noticed "Money" as the majority of females, who are not muslimdo, but I do know that I have to survive and I must make a way for myself...That way is ALLAH.  Simple as that.  We all know that ALLAH is in control of all things so why do we fight against what the inevitable.  It is said that "Arrival to the knowledge of ALLAH is achieved by repenting from all things unlawful or offensive; seeking sacred knowledge in accordance with one's needs/ maintaining ritual purity/ performing obligatory prayers in the first of their time and in congregation, as well as the Sunnah prayers that correspond to each of the obligatory prayers..." The Counsel of Imam al-Nawawi "Agenda to Change Our Condition...Hamza Yusef and Zaid Shakir

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